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Client Intake Forms
Please look for the intake form which closely resembles your legal matter.  Please complete return the intake form to our office well in advance of your consultation.  It is important that your answer each question fully and candidly.

Financial Affidavit - Over $50,000
This affidavit is required when one of the individuals in the divorce receives $50,000 or more in Gross Annual Income.  Even if you do NOT receive more than 50,000.00 in annual income, completing this form will assist us in understanding your financial circumstances more completely.  Please download and complete the form.  Once we have had the opportunity to review it with you, it will be necessary to sign the document before a notary.  This is the most important document of your case.  It is imperative that you take the time to complete it accurately.

Mandatory Disclosure
We must receive the documents required by Florida law as soon as possible and preferably before filing, if you are the party initiating the action.  Please follow this instructions on the attached form.

Request for Production
It is common in family law cases for one or both sides to request information over and above what is required to be produced pursuant to mandatory disclosure.  The attached is a list of documents often requested.  It is helpful to us if you begin gathering this information regardless of whether it has been requested.  You may have access to this information now, but your spouse may not allow you access to this information later.  It is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not be able to obtain it.

Parenting Course
If your case is filed in the Fourth Judicial Circuit, the parenting course may be taken at Hope Haven.  You may learn more information concerning parenting classes at www.Hope-Haven.org.

Standing Family Law Order
Once your case is filed, a Standing Family Law Order will be issued that prohibits either party from dissipating assets or income, changing title to property, cancelling insurance beneficiaries, etc.  The order is automatically applicable to your case once the case is filed.  The order is to preserve the status quo.  If you violate this order, the court may hold you in contempt and award the other party sanctions.  Even if you dissipate marital assets prior to filing, the court may still compensate the other party for such dissipation if marital assets were dissipated at a time when the marriage was undergoing a breakdown.

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